Brewery Menu

Beer Menu

The Native may have a dive bar aesthetic, but we have more than just watery domestics. We’ve carefully curated our menu to include a range of exciting and affordable beverages to satisfy everyone’s pallet.

Cocktails, slushies, taps, cans, bottles, liquors, wines; you name it and we’ll present you with a drink that matches your preferences! All of our beverages are fully vegan unless specified otherwise, making them even more accessible for our happy customers. We also have a Specials category on the menu featuring some of our favorite pairings, such as Oh, Hi Mark, Chicago Handshake, Under The Weather, and Hammerslane.

In addition to beer, liquor, cocktails, and slushies, you can also purchase non alcoholic beverages for when you want to avoid a hangover. Drinks cost $4-$10 on average and are easy on the pocket.

Check out our Menu here and view the complete list of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks we serve at The Native. We make weekly updates to the menu, so make sure you stay tuned for what’s next!